Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black Man

Only a black man can piss you off one second, and make sweet love to you in the next.

Only he can be portrayed as a thug, a hood. As having no hope and "so much potential." Only to become a figment of greatness.

Having lips that are deliciously firm. The facial structures of an African king . A chest filled with the breath and whispers of the mighty men before him. Hands made for holding elegant, and powerful things. Legs full of strength and magnificence.

Only a black man can show the true beauty of a black woman. A beauty that is so mysterious to others, yet so simple to some.

You see, a black man and a black woman can share a love so immense, and so fulfilling that moses couldn't split them apart.

Only a black man can show the beauty of a nation filled with overflowing fantasies in this insufficient reality.

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