Friday, July 30, 2010

Are you a Completer?


Thank you Jesus, heavenly God almighty it is Friday! Today is a very busy day for me. I'm going to have a very busy day at work, and as some of you know I'm in the process of enhancing my website, making it a little more personal, a little bit more warmer. So my site has officially become my second child! With this, I've decided to take more pictures of myself and the loves of my life. I've decided that we should wear all white in these photos, and I feel that me being the Goddess that I am, should wear a somewhat flowy white dress. However, I don't have one, nor do I have the time to make one, cause I'll be at work. I'm thinking about going to the fabric store and just draping the fabric on me, but I don't know about that one. So, once I figure that out we have to actually take the photos, eat dinner, then go swimming.

 See I told you it was a lot.

Also with this continuing process of working on me, and not working myself into a frenzy over all of my daily task, I'm thinking about the original Isis. What made people love her? How did her influence help Osirus to be the King who all adored? What made her Husband trust her so much that he left his land in her power? What in Isis gave her the secret of being a good Wife and Mother?

In my readings, I came across this, "Women were created by God, made in His image yet distinctively female. Woman was created from man for man and given a role highly valued by God. She is to be man's completer, not his competitor. Not only is the woman physically different from a man, she's not wired the same emotionally. For this reason and others. God has given wives a role that is different from their husbands' yet equally important.

If we want to build marriages that really work, we need to embrace the truth of our gender differences and all they imply. What a difference it would make in so many marriages if we submitted to God's design and order. If you want to have the best marriage possible, then you must honor His plan. If you fight it, you will be fighting God. The consequences of such rebellion are continuing dissatisfaction, dissension, and eventually disaster.

So with that being said and found. I've gotten my answers. Gods words are enough for me.  So I'll continue on my busy day, laugh, love, and do what it is I have been sent here to do, and I ask you what can you do this week to offer your husband respect and to more effectively fulfill your role as his completer and his role as King?  Have a great weekend yall, and keep enhancing the God or Goddess in you...

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