Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kids these days....

Venting Again…

I was Just reading through some articles on the internet and I came across a Wikipedia question, Why are kids not the way they used to be? The answer was the following.

Yes, today’s kids are absolutely more bold and have more rights to making decisions. Kids at the present are not so energetic, and loving than the past. Past kids were taken care of by parents that know the value of parents love and a systemized life, but today both Mother and Father go to work so they can’t spend much time with their children, and even holidays. This leads to role in a very dangerous way that is they spend more time watching TV, especially those who are at the age of above 14. Watching bad videos and not eating and sleeping properly. Also, by searching for love any other things and people and doing mischievous things. Finally, scratching all properties from the Parent.

I found this to be very accurate in some ways, but I would like to elaborate on it. First I would like to not stop at kids, and expand this by saying, young people. I do this for 2 reasons, I believe the problem concerns more than just kids, and every time I hear the word “kids,” I think about my freshman English Literature teacher in High School. She couldn’t stand when we would use that word. She would say, “Are you a goat?” Kid is a baby goat.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Have you every stepped on to a bus around 2:30pm with a swarm of young people just getting out of school? It can be traumatizing! You always have the quiet ones, sticking to themselves, or the older brother looking out for his younger sister that’s a couple sits away, and that’s cute, and makes you wonder, but then you have that crowd that’s completely disrespectful, hitting each other, cursing, laughing and talking loud, and you’re thinking, “Where are their parents?”, or do “Do they not see me sitting here?” or something of that nature.

What happened to a Mother teaching her daughter not only girly things that every girl needs to find out about herself, but about how to accept a complement, and how to treat a man, and teach her son how a woman likes to be treated? What happened to a Father teaching his son how to a man, not only with sports and masculinity, but with responsibility, and teach his daughter to have confidence within herself?

What happened to the old saying, it takes a village to raise a child? I’m not saying that I want some complete stranger coming up to my child and disciplining him without my knowledge, but what I am saying is that, if a relative, or teacher, or anyone that my son comes in contact with in his daily life, that also knows me sees him acting disrespectfully. I will hope that they will call him out and contact me as well. What happen to the Golden Rule, treat others the way you want to be treated? What happened to the magic words, please, thank you, excuse me or even God bless you when you sneeze? What happened to people teaching younger people, and that younger person accepting those teachings? That younger person doesn’t have to put it to use, half the time it probably went in one ear at out the other, but you still respected it. I myself never liked the, don’t speak unless you’re been spoken to rule, but I respected it. What happened to it? Where do they think they’ll be in the future? How far do they think they’ll go with the lack of respect?

It makes me scared, and even angry that my son is going to be influenced by this complete lack to common sense that young people have today! Yes, the teen pregnancy rate is slowing down, but we still have young Mothers, that have had children and now their children have had children making them young Grandmothers and its recycling and nobody is being taught any common sense or RESPECT! I absolutely do not regret having my son, but it makes me sooooooooooooo tremendously afraid for his future, and makes me understand why some people don’t want children, but I guess as long as I stay this “angry black woman,” and have faith it’ll give me the fuel to continue teaching him right from wrong, cause this will not continue with anyone that comes from me, you can bet on that!

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