Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its Together Tuesday

In honor of pulling it all Together Tuesday let me first tell you all I am literally holding myself together by a string, and am so looking forward to the end of the week when hopefully all of this stuff will be taken care of. My son started getting sick again last Friday, not the fevers from his teething, but this time a very bad cough, and running nose. So on this particular day at my regular 9 to 5, we are short staffed at my job, and the office is CRAZY, topped with having a sick child at home. I leave work early to get him some medicine, and am faced with so many choices of medicine that says 6 years and older. Now, my son is only 2 years old what choice do I make!? So, I come across this medicine Hyland Cold & Cough. This medicine is wonderful! Overnight, the coughing and runny nose stops, and our wonderful fun filled weekend at the Edison Park Festival begins!

Fast forward to today, I’m sick! Achy body, sore throat, runny nose, and tired (excuse my French) as HELL, but being the GODDESS that I am, I have to keep it moving! We were still short staffed at my job yesterday and because of this I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO today! I have custom orders coming in because of my;


So I have to go to bead stores to finish my orders. I’m still updating my site, regular home stuff to do, like potty training, cleaning, grocery shopping, preparing meals, etc. Fellow Goddesses, how do you do it?


  1. Wow! Isis..No-The question is..How do you do it? :-) On my end I have to thank God for time management and keeping the positive energy following.

    Get well soon!


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  3. Hi! Following back from MBC! You make some really cute things! One comment/suggestion I have, is even though you might think your husband is not attentive enough, he will be if you are not there...just trust that men do it differently, but kids need that balance. My husband loved to do the cleaning things that involved playing with water, so the bathrooms and kitchen became his responsibility! ;-)

  4. Thank You Tisha, staying positive does help a lot, and writing everthing down!

    Thanks for following Moncheri, and Ticklish Moose!

    Ticklish Moose...I so relate to me not being there as stated in Mommy Confession 5. He's not attentive, but I realize that he is not going to parent like me, which like you said is good for my son. You are a lucky woman! I wish my husband did the bathroom and kitchen cleaning!☺