Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do you Pray with your Spouse?

Recipe for Unity

by Mike Mason

How, practically, can a couple submit themselves to God and so discover unity with each other? There are, to my knowledge, two prerequisites.

One is shared prayer, and the other is unconditional love.

Almost every day for twenty years Karen and I have prayed together. We do so because we worship the same God, but also because we go about our faith so differently. Couples who do not pray together are as badly off as those who stop sleeping together. Like lovemaking, prayer requires, in a sense, taking off the clothes, removing the shoes to touch holy ground. Such acts of deep communion, beyond mere communication, carry tremendous power for healing and renewal.

To pray together is to draw water from the same well. The experience of unity arises from many, many prayers spoken and felt together over years.

There's only one Holy Spirit, and to pray well is to hear Him, sense Him, give voice to His thoughts and moods. When couples do this honestly, how can they help but enter into the place of unity?

Shared prayer by itself, however, is not enough to nurture oneness. A second, more vital, ingredient is require: unconditional love. (More, tomorrow...)

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