Friday, September 24, 2010

Its Fine Jewelry & Fashion Friday!

Thank God it’s Fine Jewelry & Fashion Friday!

Yes you read it correctly, this Friday we’re going to review a fabulous fashion boutique, Madame…A Fashion salon, and let you know TIC has NEW ITEMS! Click  here to view, and make your purchases!

A fashion salon, originally made its fashion debut in June 2009, and was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just second north of Old World Third Street, on the Historic Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., at Park East Enterprise Lofts, but now it has transitioned and moved to Chicago, IL. A new location is in the works, but for now, these fabulous Fashions are available online only at  

Madame, a chic boutique for her that offers three components most important to the discerning shopper:

*Convenient location

*Excellent customer service

*Distinctive merchandise.

Madame's mission is to become notable and irreplaceable by providing exclusive, fashion-forward apparel and accessories to the woman that possesses her own style. An individual, a woman that is comfortable in her own skin, a free spirit who's liberated from the constraints of everyday trends and fads.

Madame is not just about fashion, but about a way of life. Whether we choose to accept it or not, image is always our first impression. Before we are ever allowed to say a word, our appearance speaks for us in volume.

Clothes should tell a story, create a image and inspire a lifestyle. So with a finely honed eye for fashion and style, Madame seeks to do just that - by offering an distinctively-edited collection of apparel and accessories from a diverse group of independent and commercial fashion designers around the world.

Madame thrives on change, never wanting to become complacent, so as the weeks, months and seasons change so will Madame.

"Fashion changes... style remain" CoCo Chanel: As unpredictable and transforming as fashion can be - one's style must be incessant.

Stay fashionable tuned! (Madame 2009)

So as you can see, Madame and The Isis Collections are working in the same battle to help Women show the world how stylish, how inspiring, and empowering they are. If you love Madame, just as much as I do, show now at is what we here at

Talk to you all next week! I’ll be enjoying date night with hubby tonight, and helping friends move, Ugghhh!  In the mean time, enjoy our HOT NEW ITEMS at our store!

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