Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Together Tuesday!

Hello Gods & Goddesses!

OMG!  This weekend was exhausting and the week has been as well, but I’m so grateful for it! My family and I were united strong this weekend at the Warren Township High School Art fair. Meeting new people, and saying Hi to all the Older Girlfriends my 2 year old son was bringing to my table to buy Jewelry.  He's turning into quite the salesmen already! Sunday, we had a blast at the Mickey Mouse Magic Show Live at the Rosemont Theatre and then it was off to Trick or Treating. I finally got the chance to post the pictures on facebook last night, and now I’m trying to get my Ladies together and find a dress for the 2010 Divas Ball as well as prepare for this weekend’s So Chic Holiday Shopping & Spa Extravaganza and celebrating my Dads Birthday. So YES, I’m incredible busy at pulling things together this week, but am so incredible grateful for it. I’ve never felt so much support before!

So now the question is should I buy a dress for the Ball or find the time to make one, what do you think?

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