Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Fine Jewelry Friday!!!!!

Happy Fine Jewelry Friday!

This weekend we will continue with our 25 days til Christmas sale. Items are up to 50% off, and when you become a member of our site here, you get 25% off all Custom orders until December 31, 2010!

Our bigger seller for the last couple of weeks RINGS!!!! No worries more will come back into stock this weekend! We have small ones, exaggerated ones, Butterflies, flowers, and more!  Perfect for that special person in your lives that love fine, sparkling things.

Also this weekend, we’ll, hopefully finish up some Christmas shopping. I’ve finally decided what to get my husband, and hopefully he’ll love it! Tonight is date night, so Margaritas will be flowing!

Have a great weekend Gods & Goddesses!

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