Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pull It Together Tuesday! (Dreams)

Pull it together Tuesday…

It’s 4 days until Christmas, 6 more work days left to work until I officially become a Work At Home Mom, and 11 more days until 2011, so much to Pull Together, so much to just put in the hands of God.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to have my own, maybe it was because I was raised primarily as an only child, or maybe it’s because at the age of 6, I admired that my Grandfather had his own store. I used to watch him come home at night and balance his books, and count all that cash, and I think from that moment, I knew that I wanted my own business. I did not want to work for anyone! At the age of 13 I got my 1st job, and that confirmed for me that this wasn’t going to last long. So now, an almost 17 years later, I’m making the steps to make my dreams come true.

How do you explain your dreams to an uncreative person? How do you explain your limits to someone who doesn’t listen? How do you deal when the main person you thought would be there for you is unsupportive?

So far, I think I’ll just DO ME! As you all know, I am strong, I’m Goddess for goodness sake! However, throughout all of her mystery and powers, Isis still had the support of her husband, her sisters, her son, and all that adored her.

Now that the holiday shopping is done, and orders are being processed and my son’s birthday plans are being finalized, I feel that it’s time to pull my dreams together.

How about yours?

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