Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday! (Ladies Night)


You're probably wondering why I'm so expressive today!  Well it all started last night.  I haven't had guest other, than my family over in a while, but this weekend  a friend of minds is hosting a ladies night in my apartment so I thought, maybe I should clean up a little.  So I started washing dishes, gathering things around the house that needed washing, and noticed that, thanks to my husband my counters have grease stuck on them.  So I moved the deep fryer placed it on my stove, washed my counters down, and started washing dishes.  While doing this, I heard this terrible thud behind me, and as I turned around I see my 5 quart deep fryer falling on the floor and dark brown vegatable oil speckled with old pieces of chicken crumbs splattering all over my kitchen floor, cabinets and walls!

The only words I could utter was Got F&*#@$% Damn!   So at 12am last night guess what I was pulling together, and it continues today only my son will be woke, and my husband decided to not go to work today.  I wonder how much help I'll get? :-)

Pull it Together People!


  1. I know how you feel. But, I do hope that you have a great girl’s night. I think I am going to have one soon. Working, Blogging and being a parent is good. . .but I need some time away from it all.

  2. Thank You Antoinette, I think it'll be good, I'll be postiing pics!