Friday, February 4, 2011

Fine Jewelry Friday - Are you neglecting your Jewelry Box?

The kind of Jewelry you have says a lot about you, the way you take care of that Jewelry says even more!

Whats in your Jewelry box, Vintage, Modern, contemporary, cheap, authentic Jewelry?

Do you have your diamond rings in plastic zip lock bags, or are they in a Jewelry Box or Armoire lined in felt or velvet?
If you need the latest jewelry box to hold all of your precious new jewels that you've purchased from The Isis Collections then you should check out the list below.

Mini Leather Jewelry Cases
If you are a girl on the go, a mini leather jewelry case could be right for you. A mini leather jewelry case can easily slip into your oversized satchel or overnight bag. You can store some of your most precious “everyday” pieces and a few evening wear additions. We are not talking about your classic fabric made traveling jewelry roll. The contemporary mini leather jewelry case is a modern travel accessory.

Armoire Jewelry Chest
Some women just need a lot of space for their jewels. A contemporary armoire jewelry chest can be the answer. These pieces stand upright and can be built with 5 or more drawers. You can easily store all of your precious necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. The size also can make it extremely easy to separate and organize all of these categories.

Jewelry Box in Disguise
Sometimes you don’t want your jewelry box to look like a jewelry box! Today, you can find a wide variety of contemporary jewelry boxes that look like simple storage pieces, a book, or even a brightly colored leather box. You don’t have to purchase a piece that was solely designed to hold jewelry. Sometimes half the fun is finding a large container at your home good store or flea market that you can transform into a jewelry box.

Custom Designs
What can be more modern than a freshly designed jewelry box?! You can pick the features, the size, the wood or leather, and just about everything you want. Today, you can even find jewelry boxes that have automatic shelves. Live it up and make it your own! If you want a jewelry box that only stores rings, then create one! Maybe you are looking for a new piece to store all of your necklaces or you want a box that stores bracelets only. No matter what type of jewelry box you desire, you can create that contemporary and modern piece.

Til next time have a wonderful weekend!

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