Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday!

Today I feel like I'm running on Auto pilot.  For the last week I have experienced night terrors with my 3 year old.  He has not been sleeping well at all, and I admit that because I'm trying to hurry and finish up booking shows, buying supplies, coming up with ways to make money, buying projects for my son and I to do, etc.  I haven't been the most attentive Mother, which I am sooooo feeling guilty about.  I keep telling myself this is the last hectic week, but I think I'm paying for it.  So, because of my guilt, instead of praying and sternly telling my son to close his eyes and go to sleep.  I picked him up out of his bed told him stories, sang to him, and held him until he went to sleep... and then when that didn't work, I gave up and let him sleep in the bed with my Husband and I.  Today I'm paying for it, I'm so sleepy, and I have to prepare my place, for an open House. 

I'll pull it together, pray for me people!

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  1. I am right there with you, Shawnte! Our 3 year old has been coming in to our room around 2 am for the last two weeks. I am told this is a phase...but it does make it hard to work and FOCUS during the day.
    Hang in there!