Friday, May 27, 2011

Fine Jewelry Friday: BOOK A PARTY TODAY!!!!

Are you Interested in having a party where you get Free Jewelry, Free Gift Certificates, and Discounts WITHOUT HAVING TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE? WELL BOOK AN ONLINE PARTY TODAY!

Here are the details:

Host an Online Jewelry Party...
The hardest part about hosting gatherings and parties is coming up with a date and time that works for your guest. Your guests have to go through the hassle of taking off work or leaving work early, finding a sitter, traveling into town, and then feel pressured into buying something just because they are there. It’s just a lot of work for our busy lifestyles! Well this is where hosting a stress free online jewelry party is fun! Saving you time, cleanup work, appetizers and the space for setting up!

At The Isis Collections, we make it fun and rewarding to host a Jewelry party. Hosting an online Jewelry Party is very similar to a traditional in-home party. Really, the only difference is that it is conducted from our website, and can be maneuvered with a little help from Facebook instead of in person in your home.

Here’s how it Works...
Your online jewelry parties last for up to 14 days and you get to invite as many people as you would like with a minimum of 10 invites. Your first step is to contact us at , and pick a date you would like to start your party to see if it is available. Once a date is chosen you will gather the emails of all your invites and send us the list. We will then send out an invite to all the people you have included on your invite list and we will notify them with the date and time frame of the party along with a promotion code. We can also set up a facebook invite for you so that you can invite your friends & family with your online party information on the invite. Guest will receive 10% off their total before shipping and handling charges.

Why Do it...
The purpose of hosting an online jewelry party with us is to introduce your friends to new trendy items at low cost. For the duration of the party, you and your guest can come and go on your website as they please, at their own convenience. This is the key to success of an online party: There are no demands on the guests' time, no heavy sales pressure, no getting stuck in traffic on the way. They join the party whenever it is convenient for them, shopping from their own computer and at their leisure, and the more your guest shop, the more discounts and free Jewelry you as the Hostess receive!

YES!!! You do get something out of this deal! You as the Hostess receive Hostess incentives of discounts and free Jewelry, just like in a home party! Each host will be rewarded with a $10 Gift Certificate/Credit after your first $200 Guest purchase! Plus, for every additional $100 purchased at your party you get 10% off of your purchase! At the end of the party the hostess will be informed of how much their invites have purchased and will then be given their total incentives of discounts or free Jewelry!


Ask us about our different levels of hostess incentives!
Silver, Gold & Platinum incentives!



  1. This is very interesting post..and nice review about this article..this is looking awesome..You doing great job..

  2. Thank You so much Breonna. My customers love the idea of not having to clean their houses, or spend money on food. Instead, they can invite even more family and friends to the online fun via fb invite, have a clean house, save money on groceries, and save on their on purchases. They can get free gifts for family members during the holidays, or even get ready for a special event by getting a discount on custom gowns. I love what I do, and The Isis Collections helps me show people what I do.