Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday (Pacifier Fairy)

So first off I want to say that I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with pacifiers unless that child is 10 years old and still needs them through out the day, then there's a problem, other than that I have no problem.

I admit my son is 3 years old and he still sucks his pacifier.  However, he does not need it throughout the day, he only wants it when he is sleepy.  I know about all of the "statistics" and "risk," but as his Mother these "statistics" and "risk" have not affected us, and I have NO PROBLEM with him wanting his pacifier for his naps, and at night.

HOWEVER, being that he will be starting school in September, and I think that this particular situation will help build his character and make him stronger.  I have decided that I will let him make the decision of saying bye to his pacifier, sort a speak.

I recently told him that the Pacifier Fairy was upset, because he's a big boy now and big boys don't need pacifiers, so the Pacifier Fairy has been looking in the garbage everyday for his pacifiers so she can take them to fairyland, but there are no pacifiers there, and this is making her very upset.  I asked my son, "Do you want the pacifier fairy to be upset?"  My son said, "Yes!"  I tried very hard not to laugh, and I succeeded.  I then explained to my son again, that he was a big boy, and he needs to put his pacifiers in the garbage when he's ready so that the Pacifier Fairy can get them.  My so then told me, "You do it!"  I said, "No, you do it!"  So far, no action has been made.  We'll pull it together soon, lol.

Please give me some POSITIVE advice about this situation, lol.


  1. I actually watched an episode of Super Nanny who made 2yr old twins get rid of their pacifiers. Almost like you, she invented a Pacifier Fairy. Super Nanny told the kids since they are big it's time to get rid of the pacifier. She wanted them to put it inside a little bag (almost looked like a gift bag) and the mom told them there are many babies in the world that need a pacifier and that the pacifier fairy needs to collect them to give them to the babies who need them. In return, they will get a toy. Once the child gets rid of the pacifier and puts it in the bag, the next day the parent puts a toy in the bag and gives it to the child. So this can be another alternative you can use.

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  3. Good luck getting rid of the pacifier! I was lucky in that neither of my kids would take one :) New follower from MBC, I look forward to your future posts!


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  5. you know, i don't understand why people have such a hostility towards pacifiers. they actually have quite a bit of benefit as opposed to risks. It's a fashion thing, I think, and it appalls me whenever people refuse to give their child something that brings them comfort.

    I'll get off my soap box, but that fairy is darling!

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