Friday, December 18, 2015

This Moment

I'm back!!!!!! I promise I won't write this post, and not see you again for another 2 years.  I've learned that writing or reading is needed in my life in order for me to feel like me so, I'm determined to write, but at the same time not feel overwhelmed and pressured by it.

So anyways...

There is so much going on that I don't even know where to start!  Let me just start with the moment...(be more in the moment it helps)

Have you ever wanted to prove something to other people, (and yourself) so bad that you develop tunnel vision and you can't see anything else?

Well, I decided after designing for 15 years and not doing a fashion show of my own, that I was going to make it happen come Spring, but today I just realized I just have to much going on!

  1. I'm working on strengthening my relationship with God. I've found a church with Pastors that I adore, and I've joined a bible study with my Just 4 Wives group aka Real Wives of Chicago Sisters, and because of the wonderful movie, War Room, I'm developing my own prayer closet/prayer book. 
  2. I recently finished taking a class with a Chamber of commerce retail pilot program that helps Entrepreneurs with resources to open their own storefronts.  Although I'm finish with the class, I still have work to do in making this happen; like networking, scouting locations, working on my inventory, keeping in contact with current clients, trying to get new clients, etc., and did I mention that I just changed the name of my business from The Isis Collections to Enchante and there's so much I have to update, and re-register with the name change.
  3. I recently applied to graduate school. Hopefully I get accepted (Pray that I get accepted Gods & Goddesses), and if I do I'll be starting September 2016, but there are 2 prerequisite classes I'll need to take before I start. 
  4. My oldest son is starving for his parents attention, and I have to make away to give it to him.
  5. My youngest son is starving for his parents attention, and I have to make away to give it to him, as well as potty train him, and get him ready and registered to start school in September 2016. 
  6. Last but not least I have a husband that is starving for my attention, and I have to make a way to give it to him as well.
  7. One more thing, I have to not forget about me, and take care of myself.  Do things that I want to do.  Relax!  Relate!  Release!

So because of all of this, I've decided since I'm getting closer to getting my storefront location, I will just wait until my grand opening and have a fashion show then.  I know many of you, I have reached out to because I wanted you to be apart of my fashion show, and I still want to be apart of it, but it won't be happening in Spring.  I promise I'll keep you updated.  Sometimes you have to make hard decisions and cancel things before they turn how to be a problem.


  1. Very nice blog. I look forward to reading your future posts and good luck in your graduate school endeavors.

  2. I truly enjoy your blog and your entire page. One day I will get where you are in blogging.

    1. Ohh Camiile Thank you, but I'm not very far. I envy bloggers out there that use this outlet and get paid for it. I on the other hand use this as diary :-). You can too!

  3. Love it! Look forward to reading future posts!
    Saw your blog on Mom Bloggers Club, hope you can check out my blog as well! :)