Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July vs. Juneteenth

Happy 4th to everyone! My 4th so far has been incredibly on eventful. Just another day. As I've gotten older, (and as I've begun to share my life with a man who is used to not having his family go all out for some holidays like my family has.) all holidays have been just another day. Incredibly boring, but once my son is old enough to understand fully we'll turn it around.

So out of my boredom, I began to think about things.

"What is it?" Was my first reaction a few years ago. Along with all of the others I have mentioned this holiday to.

A holiday most people don't even know exists, and they should. It makes me so sad that most blacks are so ignorant to their heritage, (and I'm not excluded from from the bunch.)

Instead we celebrate this white America's Independence, and put our own in the back of our minds. Where no one can see it, hear it or celebrate it. Exactly like the invisible acknowledgement on the calender.

Why is it that we as "strong" black people let things go so frivolously, we except things that are given to us, and don't fight for more.
  • Is it because after all those years of slavery we have learned to settle for less?
  • Is it because we don't like confrontation?
  • Or maybe its because we're scared?
  • Maybe its because we have all developed the house Nig__ syndrome?

Whatever it is maybe future generations will make it better. Instead of a heritage lost.


  1. Shawnte Francina Bennett Patton!

    Response to your comment on my blog post:
    It means that those that aren't having safe sex would probably think twice if they watched a show that shows the hardships of a unexpected baby!

    lol anyway,
    Juneteenth is the celebration of the abolishment of slavery! i always wondered why we never celebrated it.
    We could all be slaves right now.

  2. Very, very thoughtful post... you know, I know all about Juneteenth, but it completely escaped my mind that I should have written something about it or celebrated it or at least talked to my babies about it! And I'm kicking myself pretty hard over here, because it absolutely is something that WE should be making a point of celebrating. Thank you for the reminder!!

    And thanks for stopping by MBB today and leaving such beautiful words on the post about Michael Jackson. He is missed, for sure.