Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a Diva!

I am so excited! I think I have finely found a group of women who aren’t all about negativity! I had this feeling that something good was going to come out of going to the 2009 Divas Ball. I met a friendly, fun enthusiastic group of empowered women who just want to show the world how Divinely Inspirational Victoriously Accomplished Sisters they are. I was so tired of inviting people places and them giving me every excuse in the book. We’re all tired! Hell, I got a husband, and a child to take care of, as well as a few other family members here and there. I have a job, and homework to do too. I’m also just as broke as the next person. I got so much sh*% going on that some inconsiderate so called friends don’t even care to even ask about, but you know what I’ve also learned…Its time to move on, be positive. I need to take care of me, before I even start to think about taking care of somebody else. If I’m not happy I can’t make anybody else happy ;-). So on my journey I go, to balls, clubs, and other events with Chicago's Divine Divas and the Real Wives of Chicago. Wish me luck!


  1. Jawanna (RWOC SISTER)September 28, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    Speak gurl. I like when you said that you are just as broke as the next person and how inconsiderate some can be. I feel ya so much,it aint even funny. I dont know about DIVINE DIVA, but if they are half as fun as RWOC, you are in good hands. Welcome aboard!!!

  2. Good for you Lady you deserve it.. i wish i could hang more..i know i know no excuses...but i never have a ya lady...fill me in on your ongoing conquest