Friday, July 23, 2010


Went out last night with some very special friends of mines and we saw the Film, You Saved Me. It was a great touching film with very valid points on the negative portrayal of black relationships and the covenant of marriage period. It has further made me commit to the positivity I’m bringing into my life. Please go out and support this wonderful couple and buy their films at


So as stated before, I’m in the process of taking out, and not allowing negativity around me, and I'm all about what is best for, first myself, my husband, my child and my family. So because of this I will be combining the I’ll Do… me Blog with my business blog at  in order to do better with time management, vent, promote my business, and hopefully grow with a variety of different supporters and followers of the Shawntelligent and Isis Collections brand. I believe that with being real, honest, resilient, and determined we all will move ahead. Yes, Changes are being made, and they all are positive! Stay tuned wonderful people!

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