Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Biblical proof to who washes the dishes!

So in working on myself I've decided to add a Marriage Corner to my blog to help me and my fellow married couples out .  Enjoy the corner!
Wash the Dishes

by Dr. Gary Chapman

The Bible makes it clear that husbands should wash the dishes. In 2 Kings 21:13 God says: "I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipes a dish." That should settle it. I know some of you ladies are saying "What was that reference again?" And some of you men are saying, "Get serious." OK...the reference is 2 Kings 21:13. And OK...I will get serious.

Why do household responsibilities have to become battle fields? Hasn't Jesus called us to be servants? Didn't He say, "I came not to be ministered unto, but to minister"? Someone must wash the dishes. Why not me?

"What would you like for me to do?" is a good starting point. Ask the question and get your pencil ready. Make a list and get on with the business of becoming like Jesus.

"Oh, she will take advantage of me." So? They took advantage of Jesus. What a way to go! My guess is that if you follow Jesus, your wife will call you blessed. And the children will march in your parade.

Developing Warmth

by Jim Burns

If you haven't noticed, it really takes a lot of work, self-control, and focus to keep a relationship full of warmth. You can reset the thermostat from "chilly" to "warm," but you can't do it without an incredible amount of discipline and self-determination.

Think back to your dating days. Naturally, there was much more warmth to the relationship back then. Why? We worked at it, and didn't feel the need to fight out every battle.

Sometimes marriages slip into bad habits, and a lack of warmth is just a bad habit. Too many relationships are trying to function with a constant low-grade anger and negative atmosphere, and that is just like trying to live life to the fullest with an infection and fever.

We can function okay for a while, but eventually the temperature begins to affect us and our bodies slow down. The same thing happens when spouses live together with a lack of warmth. The marriage shuts down and moves to a lower level of fulfillment.

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