Thursday, August 19, 2010

He was here to stay!

I wanted to share this with you all, maybe someone will learn from it. -Isis

Accepting the Situation:

He Was Here To Stay
by Mary Ann Cook

Since it was Friday when my husband, Ken, announced his intentions of working from home, I didn't immediately notice the effects of his decision. After all, I was used to having him around the house on weekends.

But Monday told a different story. After I saw my two children off at the front door, I turned to find my husband still standing beside me. Dressed in sweats and clutching a coffee cup, he smiled as he watched our children depart.

It took a moment for my brain to process the scene: no suit, no tie, no briefcase. He's not going anywhere! I thought.

Not quite knowing what to do with this information, I decided to continue my usual morning routine. I poured myself a cup of tea and grabbed the crossword puzzle from the newspaper. Seated on the living room couch, engrossed in the clues for "1 across," I heard Ken exclaim, "Aha! So this is what you do all day?"

Well, them thar were fighting words - so I launched a few missile in retaliation. "For your information," I shouted, "I have been up since dawn, fed the kids, fixed their sack lunches, and put a load of laundry in. So if it's all right with Your Majesty, I will take a few moments to myself!"

"Whoa, lighten up!" Ken pleaded, backing away. "I was only kidding." Then he made a mad dash for the safety of his den.

He was right, of course. I did need to lighten up. But it wasn't going to be easy. I was used to my privacy and my laid-back lifestyle. My husband, on the other hand, was used to being organized and having every day planned.

I realized my husband was home to stay. I could either waste my energy railing against that fact, or I could accept it and find a way to make it work for good.

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