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Its Wedding Season!

This time of year, I've seen so many wedding parties posing for photos, and so many ladies looking for that perfect necklace set to accent their dresses or their bridesmaids dresses, and so many looking for that perfect gift. So I found this article to help you out. Hope it's helpful!

Memories can invoke very strong emotions. At a young age our memories take hold and later in life these can be sparked by sights, sounds, touch, tastes, and smells. Special occasions tend to hold the deepest memories, ones birthdays', Christmas, first date, graduation, and matrimony, to a couple's first born and then the cycle begins again in another's memories.

The memory of a wedding celebration marks a special passage of time. Ones own memories that were once exclusive to only you are now shared with another and the two become one in thought, emotion and in this way all future memories change and are never remembered again as exclusively your own. No longer is it "my" memories but "our" memories.

The yearly anniversary which now marks that sharing of time has such special meaning, over the years much thought has gone into the giving of gifts for a couple's wedding anniversary. This guide offers suggestions for gift giving for both men and women and insight into traditional and modern gifts and offers purchasing opportunities from trusted merchants that assisted in producing this guide.

Marriage Anniversary Gifts in the early years of marriage were small remembrances, or tokens, such as 1st (paper), 5th (wood), and 10th (tin). In later years of matrimony, gifts gained value (which tends to correspond with society status and professional security), including 15th (crystal), 20th (china), 25th (silver), and 50th (gold).

By the time her publication was reprinted in 1957, the growing importance of wedding anniversary celebrations in America required more guidance and the traditional gift list had been expanded to include all of the first 15 years, and multiples of five thereafter. Additionally, as 35 years had passed since the original publication modern alternatives were again added and updated to include more socially acceptable gift options.

The traditional and modern anniversary gift guides have changed very little during the past half-century where traditional gifts are deeply rooted in heritage yet modern gifts greatly assist to offset cultural differences. The giving of a gift to your partner on the memorable occasion of shared thought is so symbolic that this guide has been developed to assist making the occasion truly one worth marking the passage of time from here.

He right gift can bring a sparkle to every eye and can delight the hearts of all. Our Anniversary Guide will help you celebrate with gift ideas. The quick chart below tells you the Gemstone Anniversary Gifts for each year.

01 Anniversary - Gold Jewelry
02 Anniversary - Garnet Rings
03 Anniversary - Pearls
04 Anniversary - Blue Topaz
05 Anniversary - Sapphire
06 Anniversary - Amethyst
07 Anniversary - Onyx Rings
08 Anniversary - Tourmaline
09 Anniversary - Lapis Rings
10 Anniversary - Diamonds
11 Anniversary - Jewelry
12 Anniversary - Pearls
13 Anniversary - Citrine
14 Anniversary - Gold Jewelry
15 Anniversary - Ruby Rings
20 Anniversary - Platinum
25 Anniversary - Silver
30 Anniversary - Pearl
35 Anniversary - Jade
40 Anniversary - Ruby
45 Anniversary - Sapphire Rings
50 Anniversary - Gold
55 Anniversary - Emerald Rings
60 Anniversary - Diamond Rings
65 Anniversary - Diamond

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