Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Together Tuesday

I know I'm a day late, but I have to get this post out there, lol!

In honor of pulling it all Together Tuesday, I first need to vent and tell u what I need to pull together. Caution you may begin to feel overwhelmed as well!

So, let me quickly remind you all that I work Mon-Fri., 9 to 5. I have my 2 year old husband, oops! Excuse me, my 2 year old son to take care of (who is also still teething and with that he's getting fevers, and runny noses, etc.  so I have Dr. appointments to keep track of and to take him to), and a husband to support, as well as extended family.  That alone drives me to pulling my hair, but I'm working on this positive outlook thing, so wait there is more!

1.  I'm still in the process of remodeling my website.  The goal is to make it look more me.  Before it was Tans and Brown, what I thought people would expect when hearing the name Isis.  I thought of sand, and I wanted it to look Egyptian, but now I see that I want my jewelry to reflect all that women are, feminine, nurturers, wives, mothers, busy women with a lot going on, and what woman doesn't like Purple!  I know there aren't very many.

2.  With remodeling the  website, and trying to bring more people to the site, I figured I would get rid of the boring business blog, and bring in my personal blog.  What person wouldn't like to know what was going on in the life of the person that is making a precious one-of-a-kind piece of art for them?  I know I would, I think its cool and Unique.  Which is what I am!

So I've joined a few groups, and it is so hard to get followers!  I mean why is it that my 17 year old Sister can create a blog, and the next day she has 217 followers!  This is crazy!  However, I do appreciate each and everyone of you guys for following, and for your comments and support.  I just want you all to read, and buy and know that you are Gods/Goddesses.

3.  I have a 2 day show coming up this weekend.  Which is a lot to prepare for.  So far every outdoor show that I participate in I realize something else that I would like to buy to enhance, and lure my customers into my booth.

As well as more, and more, and more!  So, to avoid from boring you any further with my to do list I will like to end with a story of a very good friend of mines, Surprise Lady, Marianyelli (Check out her adult novelty store  This lady is busy as well and because of this one day she made an appointment to get her eyebrows waxed.  Just one little less than 30 minute process, is all she asked for, and what happens... Not only does her husband (Sorry! Had to be honest :-) make her miss her appointment once, but twice!  I know some of you ladies understand the anger that she felt, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.  When she rescheduled her appointment, she found out the day of her appointment, was Red Carpet day for clients.  Not only was she going to get her Eyebrows done, but a free facial and manicure!

Moral of the story, it is up to you to pull it together, but remember that you're not working alone!


  1. Loving the new look!!! So fresh!!! Thanks for the inspiration to Pull it together but realizing I have suppport to make it happen!!

  2. My but you ARE busy! Found you on MBC and have become a follower. Come follow me at