Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Entertaining Days of the week

My plan is to keep you all entertained, and making me a more disciplined Blogger. I believe my life is pretty entertaining, and this is how I will share it with you. I’ve decided to do daily post with these thoughts in mind:

Music Monday: What person likes Mondays? Nobody! I know, I know what you’re going To say, but Shawnte, I thought you were trying to be more positive. You should wake up with a smile, blah, blah, and blah. In light of this, This is why I introduce To You All, Music Monday. When I’m in a foul mood, Music always does the trick, so be prepared to hear, see, listen to a lot of Mary J. Blige!

Together Tuesday: After dealing with Mondays, it’s time to pull it all together! Yes, we all are being pulled in different directions, but early in the week is the time to pull it all together. So you can have fun for the weeks end! This may contain A Lot Of Venting.

Wordless Wednesday: Whatever picture I find that triggers memories or provokes emotion!

Thankful Thursday: Remember people. I’m in the process of bringing more positivity to my life. I Want to share the Joys in my life. Also, sometimes you just have to praise him, and say that you are thankful!

Fine Jewelry Friday: I live for the weekends, and alot of my weekends are all about making money! So here I’ll tell you about any events I have going on, any Jewelry trends, a must have, new pieces I've created, or thinking about creating, or Just What I'll be doing For the weekend.

So here we go Gods & Goddesses. Welcome aboard the Isis train. Enjoy the ride! They'll Be Lots Of highs And Lows, I Promise! LOL!

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