Friday, August 27, 2010

Watch the way you speak!

I admit this one hit home, maybe u will realize it and correct it as well.

Trading Places Curbs Criticism
by Les and Leslie Parrott

A little known secret among marriage specialists is the fact that complaining is actually good for your marriage - it helps couples air their grievances and keep improving. What isn't helpful to a marriage is criticism.

So what's the difference beween criticism and complaining? Criticism almost always begins with you ("You make us late!"), whereas complaining almost always begins with I ("I feel so frustrated when we are late to something that matters to me").

And when you practice trading places in your marriage, you automatically curb your criticism. Seeing your complaint from your partner's point of view converts an obnoxious criticism ("You never turn off the garage lights") to a more receptive complaint ("It bothers me when you d.on't turn off the garage lights").

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