Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to Fine Jewelry Friday !

TGIF!I’ve made some really pretty, elegant, interesting, eclectic jewelry over the years but this one right here ↑
has got to be my favorite! It just represents me best, Girly Girl, that loves shiny things (Crystals), and flowers. It’s just Pure Elegance, my Dragonfly Garden. If you like it click here to purchase it!

SOOOO, now it’s on to more jewelry choices. I am so ready to have fun! I have no shows this weekend, so this weekend is all about having fun, and getting some serious me time in, and a couple more things along the way. Today is my RWOC (Real Wives of Chicago) Sister, Mrs. CeCe’s birthday, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE! SMOOCHES!), so tonight I’ll be celebrating with her somewhere on Lake Michigan. Plus, my husband and I really didn’t celebrate our anniversary the way we wanted to so I figured I’ll bring him along for the ride, especially since his birthday is Tuesday.

So, so far I’m all set. I made this cute little dress out of this Purple, Teal and Black Argyle fabric I found, along with a Black jacket. I’ve done my nails. I have my hair semi figured out, but I just don’t know what jewelry to wear! I think I might wear these →
You can get them by clicking here! These earrings are very light weight, but they’re kind of big so I wouldn’t wear a necklace with them, but on the other hand I think I want to wear a necklace, therefore I will have to wear smaller earrings. I would post a picture, but I’m at my 9 to 5 right now, and that picture doesn’t exist, but I’ll post one for you later after I’ve made my decision! Have a great weekend Gods & Goddesses!

So I did wear the Black earrings to the left, but I was having so much fun, that you can't see the earrings on any of the pictures I took, and I forgot (mommy brain) to do a close up.  Here you go anyway!


  1. I really love those earrings. I'm sure you had a lot of fun this past weekend. Keep it hot real house wife! :-)

  2. Thanks Tisha it was ALOT of fun, but I wish I was house wife! In more ways than one, Real wife of Chicago.