Friday, September 3, 2010

Fine Jewelry Friday!

Thank God it’s Fine Jewelry Friday! So I’m noticing these shirts, and dresses with the layered necklaces on them. I like, but of course I would like to have the real thing. Yeah I know they can be a little heavy, but ladies, not ALL OF THEM. Just check out a few from the Isis Collections, you’ll be surprised to how light they are!

Keep in mind though, that your accessories are there to complement your outfit, not overwhelm it. If you’ve got a fabulous black cocktail dress, try a lower-budget TIC gemstone necklace.

If you’re looking for glam over elegant, don’t be afraid of bolder jewelry choices. For example, chunky turquoise jewelry is perfect for adding character to your outfit. Multiple pieces of jewelry are great but try putting the emphasis on one area. For example, if you’re going for several strands around the neck, keep your earrings and bracelets simple or skip them altogether.

The final jewelry rule is to have fun with your accessories. Try it this weekend! My weekend will be spent with family. Today is my wonderful Goddess Grandmother’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Johnnie!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t she sexy!

I’ll also be welcoming my newest God nephew Ray J!

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