Thursday, September 16, 2010

Its Thankful Thursday!

I am truly blessed to find something that I truly enjoy doing.  Don’t get me wrong I love sewing.  Making Evening gowns is fulfilling in its on right, but it takes hours to create a gown, and I loooove reading, but what Full-time working, business owner, wife, and mother of a two year old who’s trying to get her groove back has time to read?  I know I don’t!  Which really saddens me sometime, but I do have time to for bead therapy, which I am truly thankful for. Bead therapy has a healing power, its relaxing and takes your mind off of your troubles.  The repetition of placing beads on string brings peace to you and is very therapeutic.  It gives you something of value that you’ve created this piece of art that can be worn for all to see.

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  1. beautiful blog with GREAT personality! Glad to find you on MBC!! Following you now. :)