Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Thankful Thursday!

Thanks to the staff at the North Western Memorial Hospital's Womens Prentice Ambulatory Care Clinic, I did not feel a thing in Surgery (Until afterwards :-) yesterday.  Your hands were steady, and I actually  rested well (Thanks to the drugs).  You have helped me continue down my path to happiness.

Today, I'm at home trying to rest with my wonderfully active 2 year old son running around me.  He's so cute, he keeps looking at my bandages, and saying "Mommy hurt?''  Then he jumps in my arms, jumps one the bed, throws toys at me, all while I'm helplessly trying to dodge his toys and fingers from hitting the sore spots.  I'm so Thankful for all of it, but now I think I'll put him down for his nap, and take one of my own.   Stay true!

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