Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday (WAHM in 5 hours!)

Happy Thankful Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a very busy week for me. In less than 5 hours I will officially be a Work from Home Mom! With the holiday Shuffle, booking new show for next year, planning my sons Waterpark Extravaganza for his Birthday, and my job loading the work on me this week I have not had the time to post a blog, which I’m so sorry for, I missed my Gods & Goddesses, but I am so Thankful for the opportunity to do this. So many have told me I’m blessed and that it is rear for a Woman to do this for 2 reasons.

1. A lot of women don’t want to spend that much time with their kids, lol and
2. That I’m able to do this in this economy.

Well let me remind you all, I’m a Goddess. I am rare, and quite often I don’t do things that the norm will do, lol. I know that I am incredibly blessed, but I’m also a problem solver, I know how to make things happen!

Also, I’m all about happiness, and my happiness does not involve me being depressed and sick, because I making myself go to a job every day, that I’m not happy with. I WANT MY OWN, and that’s exactly what I have, and I’m going to make the best of it! SO 2011 MAKE WAY FOR THE ISIS COLLECTIONS SUCCESS!

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  1. Good for you lady.....It is a blessing to be able to make this big step...