Friday, January 28, 2011

Fine Jewelry Friday! (Ladies Night)

I'm so excited and frustrated!  Tomorrow, I will be volunteering my apartment, and my event planning expertise to a friend of mines. who is throwing a Durex® Girl Talk™ House Party™: Valentine's Day Ed.  This is supposed to be a small intimate get together of a few girl friends, that we feel comfortable talking about intimate details around.  We took this opportunity and named it LADIES NIGHT.  I'm also taking this opportunity  to sale my Jewelry (Forever the hustler, lol)  With planning an event you always have the worries, Will it be enough food?  Will it be enough drinks?  Will there be enough chairs?  How many people are coming?  How many people are bringing guest that don't have any intentions on buying stuff, and they just want to eat up all the food and drink all the drinks?  I know I know, but I had to be honest.  I'll be so glad when this is all over, and I will be posting pictures, but in the mean time Enjoy the new Jewelry I've posted here, ready to be purchased now!

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Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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