Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday (Major Venting!)

I recently posted on my, personal  FB status that it frustrates me extremely when I vent to someone and they don't respond back to me with questions, answers, some type of input or, feedback whatever the case need be. So rather then talk to someone and frustrate myself further with these people I thought I would share with u all.

I have been counting down to this week, to this moment, when I officially become a work from home mom. I was ready to pursue my business ideas, that will hopefully help it to prosper. Ready to get back an inkling of the woman that my husband fell in love with, full if surprises, energy and love. I was ready for teaching my son any and everything I can possible teach him, I was ready to strengthen my relationships, but most of all I was ready TO HAVE SOME TIME FOR ME, MYSELF AND I!!!!!!!!

  • So far I've sent out 3 of about 50 emails I have to send to organizations asking about their shows and festivals for my event calender.
  • I've sent out 0 of the 3 emails I have to send to my customers. (Winter Newsletter, Clearance sale, Book A Jewelry party).
  • However, I am up to date on The Isis Collections blog and fan page, and the Real Wives of Chicago Blog and fan pages
  • I have not listed any of my new jewelry creations on the website.
  • I haven't made any fantastic dinner recipes yet.
  • Have not scheduled one date night yet.
  • I have made reservations for my sons Birthday Extravaganza, but have failed to do any of the other daily activities I've wanted to do with him.
  • Have not made any dates with my friends yet
  • I have not scheduled my spa date yet!
  • and to top it all off the very job that I am no longer an employee at.  I have been there for the last 2 days, and will becoming back tomorrow to get even more stressed out! Ugghhhh!!!
I know, I know its only been 2 days it'll get better, and I have a lot more days full of relaxation, love, and success, but for now I have a huge headache and cards to type up at work.  I'll pull it together...one day.

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