Friday, February 11, 2011

Fine Jewelry Friday


My name is Shawnte Patton and I am going through Art show withdrawals!

LOL, slowly but surely I'm getting art shows, and festival dates finalized.  I'm slowing down with the booking of Home Parties, only because it looks like my getting a car is not in the cards right now, but if the wonderful CTA can get me to Hostesses house then I am there!  Today, I'm not only doing trend research (Pink is going to be big next season), but I'm also doing history research, (Jewelry had a religious and magical significance in the Egyptian ancient world by protecting the wearer from evil.),

preparing for the last day of my Valentine's Day open house (Moscato lots of Mosacato),

 preparing to take my son to go see Gnomeo and Juliet, and a wonderful date night with my Husband. 

TGIF have a wonderful Valentine's weekend Gods & Goddesses and don't forget a little Jewelry always completes any outfit, and puts a smile on your ladies face.  The Isis Collections

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