Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MOMMA NEEDS A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! (Pull it Together Tuesday)

So, I just finished doing Pilates with my son, and I have this terrible headache, so to calm down I decided to cruise the blogs again, and came across this one, Homegrown Mom, and as I was reading it I couldn't stop lauging, and wanted to share it with you all this Pull It Together Tuesday.  Enjoy!

10 Signs That You May Need a Break

You know you need a break…

1. When your husband asks what you did today and you think he means you did nothing all day. Then you growl.

2. When someone asks you how old your kids are and you pause for a second because you honestly can’t remember.

3. When you find yourself sighing and rolling your eyes more than three times an hour.

4. When you’re in a Target parking lot and it takes too long to find your keys at the bottom of the black hole you call your purse, so you burst into tears.

5. When you’re taking notes in church and you start writing your to-do list in the margin.

6. When you put some kindergarten math worksheets in your first grader’s workbox so you can have two minutes of quiet while she does them on her own.

7. When your husband comes home at five and you’re still in your pajamas and he’s too scared to ask what you did today.

8. When you’re so exhausted that you fall asleep while giving a spelling test, but you still stay up until 2am watching Lost and 24 with your husband because you finally feel like you can rest and you want to enjoy that feeling.

9. When you start putting protein bars in the microwave so you can feel like you’re eating chocolate while still sticking to your diet.

10. When you write a blog post called 10 Signs That You May Need a Break.

Share yours, and pull it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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