Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well I'll have a lot to pull together for the next couple of weeks!  I'm busy preparing for a Vintage Clothing & Accessories show in Grayslake, IL as well as a Bridal Expo, and I not only have new Jewelry to create, but I have to complete new hair pieces to be modeled by Ms. Deveraux of course, and scarves to make! 

However, today, I'm taking a break and going to the Doctor with a good friend of mines.  She's pregnant with twins, making her a mommy of 5 and I just want to support her in any way I can!  Then we're going out for lunch, and after that I'll go wherever the Lord takes me. 

So, because of this I needed to post my blogs and fb statuses ahead of time so that I can give her and the twins, my full attention! 

Usually when I'm in a good mood, I always think about my Wedding day, and today I wanted to share with you all my blog for The Real Wives of Chicago Blog:

What did you do after your ceremony?  Did you go on a honeymoon?  If so, where?  Do you have plans for a second Honeymoon?
Dunn River in Ochos Rios, Jamaica


  1. Well we went to micky d's after we got married then that nite we went to a cheap motel for the nite. But in year 2015 I am gonna have the wedding that I didn't get and honeymoon.

  2. Hey there! I come to you from Redhead Riter's Blog Frog community. My Hubby and I went to Ruidoso New Mexico, El Capitan, New Mexico, and another place (I can't remember the name, although it was really neat. The whole town was a Museum of sorts feature Jesse James and the Gang with Tunstel's store and all that! Pretty cool. It was even educational. Did you know that Smokey the bear was an actual bear? I saw his grave stone. He was a bear cub that was rescued from a forest fire. We didn't have a lot of money to spend and had to get back to work quickly so we only spent the week-end there. That was where I got my first taste of "fried ice cream" it's really good! Remember, this was 25 years ago. LOL! If you would like to check my blog out it is http://www.pjsprayerline.blogspot.com/

    God Bless,

  3. PJ, That is so cool! Good Smokey Bear info, lol! Also, its so funny, I also had my first friend ice cream experience on my Honeymoon as well!