Friday, April 8, 2011

Fine Jewelry Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but it's confession/venting time!  My head is screaming and spinning right now.  I'm so happy to be about 80% done with the new Jewelry, scarves and headbands, but I wish I was 100% done especially since I have 2 shows coming up this weekend!  The Vintage Clothing & Accessories show in Grayslake, IL and the  Bridal Expo, but I still have to put all of these items on the website, so if you want to order something new, you will have to email or call, and I'll email you an invoice for payment. 

I'm so upset that I've neglected my ETSY store.  I really need to be on top of this!  Does anyone else out there have this problem of letting life and facebook stop you from tending to your ETSY store?  I'm also upset that I ordered labels about 3 weeks ago, and they have yet to come, so some items this weekend will be sold without labels, and that kind of making me angry, as well as my last order of beads haven't come yet, so tonight I'll probably be up all night, and to top it off I'M SO SLEEPY, and this foggy weather isn't helping at all!

I'm so incredible thankful for my gift, and these opportunities, but I think it's just time for a nap.  Then I'll wake up and feel the imaginary sunshine on the FINE JEWELRY FRIDAY!  Have a great weekend Gods & Goddesses, I KNOW I WILL! Only to start Potty Training bootcamp with my son on Monday.  Talk to you later!

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