Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday! (More respect for ourselves!)

So if you haven't noticed from yesterdays post, I sooooooo enjoyed myself in Memphis, TN on my husband and I's anniversary vacation.  Memphis is not only fun family time at places like Beale Street and a guitar shaped swimming pool:

but as an African-American Woman I learned so much about my history at places like the Stax Studios, the National Civil Rights Museum, Graceland, Sun Studio, etc:

Going to these places put so much gratefulness, and sorrow into my heart.  These people marched, and fought for future generations to walk proud with their heads held up high and say, "I am a man!"  "I am a woman!"  "I deserve to vote!"  "Listen and love my music no matter what color I am!"  "I can sit where I please, drink water from whatever fountain I please, and sit and eat where I please!"  So many things that we take for granted now a days, cause there I so many people preoccupied with who's sleeping with who, what kind of car whoever is driving, and what the next person has.  To busy looking to videos and movies for the wrong type of education, instead of going to the books and going to schools to  get the education that our ancestors fought so hard for us to have.

I took three very important young people on this anniversary vacation with my husband and I, and I just hope to God that one day they'll understand this lesson, and I hope that you reading this can pull it together to understand the lesson as well.

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