Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pull It Together Tuesday! (I Need an Assistant!!!)

As a Mompreneur work never gets done!  There is always something to do!  Fun time with my Son, windexing, pledging, sweeping, mopping, laundry, vacuuming, fun time with Husband, shopping, paying bills, creating, sales, marketing, vending, etc.

Right now as I look around my apartment at the pile of business plan papers, catalog papers, ideas of new projects, laundry, dishes, mirrors with finger prints, dusty figurines, toys spiradically placed, and juice spots on the floor and carpet I can only shake my head, and feel the pounding in my head that is screaming I NEED AN ASSISTANT!!!!

She would be perfectly fine being  paid with Jewelry and food, she would love kids, and love beading new creations.  She would know how to put together a successful business plan.  She would love to go on walks with me during down time and throw ideas off of one another.  She would be a fashionista, in the loop of different events and parties going around Chicago, New York and other fabulous places, and know the next spot to go to Spread the word of The Isis Collections.  She would be a social networking queen!  She wouldn't mind baby sitting at least once a month so hubby and I can get our groove back.  She would not only be a value to TIC, but she would be my good friend...

*sigh* In a perfect world that would be great!  However  its back to reality!

What do you need to pull together?


  1. LOL this is a funny post but I hear ya. I finally gave in and hired a cleaning company to come in every other week to shine up the place. Still leaves me to do the laundry and grocery shopping on top of work and school and family obligations, but it makes things a lot easier for me.

  2. I love your blog!! This post sounds all too familiar. :P

    Following you from MBC. You can check me out at www.combatbootsmama.com

    Again, am loving your site!