Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keep trusting...

As I sit here on public transportation with the sun warming my face, and appreciating the 50 degree breeze that welcomes me everytime the doors open it is putting me in a reflective, proud but melancholy mood. So I decided what better moment to get my feelings out right now where there is no one around grasping for my attention. Yesterday, I had a pretty eventful day. I went and saw my cousin play basketball for Drake, against Loyola, and it was ravishing seeing these young men out there putting up a good fight, and trying to make their dreams come true.  It was truly inspirational, and it made me pray for them, especially my cousin. It made me pray that God shows him how much he is loved. How awesome he is, and that he can do anything he put his mind to, but put his mind to something good, and rewarding on multiple levels. To don't give up and trust in him.

Yesterday I also got a biopsy. I still have to wait for the results, but in getting this biopsy I was given information that confirmed suspicions I already had.  I've shared this information with my husband but now I'm forced to make a decision that will/ or may affect our lives and I'm struggling to be open, and positive about it, but I'm trying.

I'm trying to focus more on being thankful that God has given me the gift make things beautiful. Thankful that my family is in good health and that I'm able to live this life with my wonderful grandmother still here and in her right mind and able to help me with creating our family tree. That I am on this journey of starting a new career as a therapist and I am doing very well in my classes still maintaining a 4.0. Thankful that my mom has opened her heart to go through the journey of falling in love. Thankful that God keeps showing me ways to build on my relationship with my dad, and work on my marriage, and be a good Mom.

There's so many things that I can be thankful for and yesterday having the opportunity to pray for my cousin now has shown me that I need to pray that same prayer for myself. God is showing me how awesome and loved I am.  He is showing me that I can do anything and all I have to keep doing is have faith and keep trusting  in him. Everything is going to be alright.


  1. This is great! I love you! Thanks for praying for my son and having such a huge heart. Good things will always come to you because of what you put out.

  2. There's nothing to worry about! I know that for a fact! Because my faith for my family is Amazing......Grace Believe in Yourself no matter what it's going to take! Keep the faith! The power in believing!