Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Ok, so my intentions are not to sound ungrateful, cause I am grateful and I praise him several times a day, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm so appreciative, that my husband got me this wonderful My touch phone so now I can Speak to you guys on the regular, but let me explain my case of overwhelms.

Its 9:26am and so far I'm 26 min late for work. TGIF, but why am I late you say? I'll tell u cause I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE BLACKHAWKS PARADE! I'm wishing I was taking Caleb and Gracie somewhere in this beautiful weather, but instead I have to put in 8 hours on somebody Else's clock with all types of promotional ideas in my head regarding my on business, while praying that i don't forget them. Meanwhile, this is going through my head:

  • Spend time with husband - Fuerza Bruta
  • Spend time with kids - Karate kid
  • Prepare for upcoming vending events
  • $$$$$$$$
  • Bills
  • Rent car
  • Prepare for fathers day
  • Grocery shopping\farmers market
  • Did I mention $$$$$$$?
  • Time for myself, to do me? What does that mean?

  Did I mention that its 9:52 and I'm still not at work!

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