Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its Thankful Thursday!

How many of you married women can say that you have someone that you can go to that genuinely understands the unity, courage, commitment and love that you’re trying to uphold in your marriage? How many of you have someone that they can go to about anything, and that someone will be there with a open heart and mind, to either guide you or listen? How many of you have someone that you can go to when you just need to go out for a drink?

Well I have someone like that, in fact I have about 30 someones, and as a whole they are called The Real Wives of Chicago (RWOC). These women are tremendously WONDERFUL, and I am so grateful, and thankful that God brought them into my life. Having been brought up in a single mom home as the only child, I have always wanted to have that sister or big brother that I can run to for anything, so I admit that have that neediness of an only child (NO, I am not spoiled ☺), and I have found exactly what I needed at the right time. Being somewhat still a newlywed and having my 1st child was very overwhelming, scary, and just too much! I started looking for an outlet where I could just RELAX, and my prayers were answered.

These women are truly a sisterhood, and have helped me through so much, and I just wanted to Praise God for giving me this Gift.


RWOC was created as a social, motivational and spiritual outlet for married woman of all cultures, backgrounds, and religions. We provide support through participation in our events, our online message board, workshops, and round table discussions. We also engage in several service acts in our community. We are not your typical social group for we are a continuous source of encouragement and positive direction.

"Real Wife" was does it mean? In our interpretation, a real wife is one that is supportive, nurturing, intelligent, loving and thoughtful. However, we also realize that sometimes fulfilling your role as a wife can become challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Its during those times that you need a "positive" outlet to come to whether you want to laugh, cry, scream or just exhale. RWOC is that outlet.

RWOC is dedicated to strengthening real women, real relationships and real wives; we celebrate sisterhood, beauty, radiance while building long lasting relationships.

RWOC is fighting back against the attack on marriage!


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalunya
    thank you

  2. Awww. sis..You made me cry with this. Thank you and Im so glad you are apart of our sisterhood. We don't always agree but coming together in love has made this group to be as wonderful as it is. Love u sis :-)

  3. Awwwww, love this post! Well said! Love you lady :)