Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Fine Jewelry Friday

Happy Fine Jewelry Friday Gods & Goddesses!

Are you wondering what the Fall 2010 Jewelry and accessory trends are?

Well you don’t have to wonder anymore because The Isis Collections has them!

These trends are definitely not new to the scene, but this season it’s all about

Romantic Look, notice the Flower and Dragonfly
Strong, but Elegant

Metals (Pewter, Silvers, Gold, Platinum, etc.)
Strong Motifs (Birds, Butterflies, Snakes, Flowers, etc.)
Mixed Media (layering necklaces) and

It’s all about that statement Necklace, that statement Bracelet or that Statement pair of Earrings! (You know you can’t wear all those statements together right!)

Chunky is in, Rings are in! Earrings have become bigger, but the key to having bigger earrings is making sure they are light or feather weight. In Earrings we’re noticing more flowers in a filigree design.

Earrings with a Filigree look

TIC’s trend jewelry has taken on a romantic statement, which is also so in!

What’s Jewelry without COLOR!

Vintage Gray Metal is a FAV this season!
Deep Purples (fuchsia) and Greens (teal), and no I’m not talking about Barney, and Lots of Gold!

So until next time Gods & Goddesses, Stay true, and have a wonderful weekend! Happiness comes from inside and a little Jewelry can help too! Go to our website to shop now! The Isis Collections

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