Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pull It Together Tuesday!!!!!


I am getting so excited about having more time on my hands! I’ve got so many ideas, and so many wonderful opportunities, personal and business related have already, and will continue to come my way. Just the anticipation is feeling me with so much joy!

I’m coming off of a horrific work week last week, followed by break down search for size ll Diva quality shoes in my preparation for the Divas ball, etc., and because of my busy week absolutely missed an entire week of blog postings. I've missed you Gods and Goddesses, and want you to know that you were always on my mind.

So now that those things have been pulled together they are being followed by the frenzy of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sneak peeks, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday Sales, and MORE SHOPPING! Oh yeah, getting my Holiday cards done, buying Birthday gifts for all of my beloved family members that were born SO CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS.

Haaa, the joys of the Holidays! Does anyone else need a vacation? What are your holiday plans!

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