Friday, June 3, 2011


Are you the kind of person that plays it safe?  Well, I think I am in some ways.  Sure, every once in a while I take a chance and leap out on faith, like when I snuck out of the house to be with boyfriends, or when I went away to  college, and when I married my husband, and even when I quit my job of 4 years, and became a WAHM, but lately I've been thinking I should do it again.  I'm tired of playing it safe. 

I feel that if you want big things to happen, you have to make big moves!  I absolutely feel that big moves should be researched, and be done with smarts. Soooo this is why I've decided to finally stop talking about it, and put some action to it. 

I'm going to finally start the 1st store to my chain of Isis Collections Stores!  However it has to start with a real functional Business Plan!  I have the template,  (The business plan I put together Junior year of college.  Yes, I have a BFA in Fashion Design/Fine Arts) now I just need to update it, and add my current logistics, and do some real footwork!

So any POSITIVE advice or comments, locations, etc. you have will be greatly appreciated! 

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  1. Hi! Nice blog you have here! Found you through the Mom Bloggers Club and am now following you on GFC. I hope you can follow back also; I'd appreciate it so much ;-) Have a lucky Wednesday!