Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Ring?

Walking my son to school I have had several conversations about my wedding ring set with the school crossing guard. She notices when I have my rings on, she notices when I don't have my rings on; mind you my rings are not big at all. In fact combined they're probably about a total of 1 carat maybe one and a half but that's over the entire set.

My husband and I have been married going on 10 years this year, and I only recently started taking my rings off when I'm mad at him, but before the last 6 months or so.  I've only taken my rings off because they are tight, and even when my fingers are swollen I still kept them on which causes cuts, and discomfort with makes me have to take them off so that my finger can heal.

The crossing guard tells me that it shouldn't matter how the rings look what matters is that your husband gave it to you which I agree with her about, but at the same time this is a piece of jewelry that you will see on your finger for a lifetime and you should love it not only for sentimental value but in the physical appearance. Don't get me wrong my set is what I wore when I promised my commitment to my husband before God and I love the set for what it represents but when I was hinting to my husband the kind of rings I wanted by obviously leaving rings on computer screens, and leaving printouts around the house, and telling him how pretty certain rings were; he totally went got me something that I would not pick for myself which is good in some cases... Let's just say that I've grown to love wedding set.

Anyways, after having multiple conversations with the crossing guard I have realized that many people in this world believe that it's all about the ring and getting proposed to.  If my boyfriend proposes to me I'm going to be happy for life and that's just not the case. Finding someone who is willing in to put your needs ahead of his own, someone who would do any and everything for you, and the family the both of you plan on creating, someone who will make you his world even if that means that he needs to push himself in order to make you happy, having the one who is a good communicator.  If you find someone to do these things then that is the world! Yes, Beyonce's song "should've put a ring on it" is very catchy, but it is not the whole story. What do you think? Is the ring everything?


  1. The ring is not everything. I told my husband not to go in debt for a wedding ring. I told him let's put that money into our house. For our 5 year anniversary, he upgraded my ring with his bonus check. I am more impressed that he used his bonus check to get something for me and not for himself. I didn't even want a new ring but he said that he wanted to do better now that he is in a better financial situation than when we got married.

    This is a great post Shawnte. I must admit that I love my new ring a lot more than the first one. ;-)

  2. I would be more impressed by that also Marcella! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!