Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Is Crazy

I have been feeling very overwhelmed with all areas of my life, but its amazing how God works. Yesterday, I decided that I was just tired of being angry, feeling sick, and not being as productive as I want to be, basically beating myself up, and I just decided that want to start fresh, start over, stop worrying and experience whatever lessons, or blessings come my way. This was followed up with a horoscope message I received that solidified everything that I've been going through the last couple months with strengthening my business, and applying to graduate school. Its so scary reading how accurate horoscopes can be sometimes, but it was purely an act of God.

I was sharing some of my worries with a sister friend of mines, Chelle, and she sent me the following message;
"Sis KNOW that you got accepted into grad school. It's not about being cocky but it is about standing on your faith! Knowing that you are more then a conqueror. KNOW that your marriage will be fine. KNOW that the devil is alive trying to kill, steal and destroy. KNOW that this battle already have been won... I want you to KNOW that you are great wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur, and now student. He wouldn't bring u this far to disappoint u sis. He died for u so he wants you happy, we just have to KNOW he can do all things, he have done all things, and will continue to do all things in your marriage, in your children, and in your life!..."

This was so empowering to me, completely true, and nothing but God speaking to me through her.

Then I went to church today, and my wonderful Pastor, Dori, of NewStory Church spoke today about when we tell ourselves this is crazy, this is crazy! She said that if we don't go through the THIS IS CRAZY moments we will never get to experience THIS IS AWESOME moments. I was sitting in church like are good! You are clearly speaking to me. God was telling me through my horoscope, through my sister friend, and through my pastor that I don’t have to worry, just have faith, be still. Its already done! My business will prosper, my kids are more than awesome, my marriage will blossom, my health will be good, and I will be a North Western University grad student. All I need to do is have faith, and believe.  I'm looking forward to posting my grad school acceptance letter. :-).

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