Monday, March 21, 2016


I haven't blogged in a while because it's been one thing after another these last 3 weeks, and not necessarily bad things. About a month ago, I believe I had a breakthrough. I'm not really sure what happened, maybe the weather started to be nicer. Whatever the reason is I REALLY (this time) realized how done I was with being upset, waiting on other people to do what they should do, and not thinking about my own needs, and I'm happy to say that 4 weeks later I'm still done, and I'm enjoying this process of enjoying my life more.

I enjoyed myself in New Orleans with my husband. I've been taking the time to thank him more, and taking steps back in these trying times to put myself in his shoes and validate him, although this is still in the beginning steps of the process, but I'm optimistic that this will improve on both our parts. I did have the stomach flu for a week, and was out of commission as much as a Mother of two rumbuteous boys can be out of commission. Then I turned around and got right back sick with a cold, or maybe its allergies? I don’t know I was sick :-)! I'm working on creations, prom dresses, and planning my next JS Creative Minds Vending and Networking event and I still haven't gotten word from North Western University, but I'm learning to Praise God while in my challenges, and worship him before my blessings come.  I  have figured out how to take things as they come, and pull the positive out of the majority of situations I encounter, and whatever else I don't encounter I'll deal with when I do, and I'm loving this moment.  Tell me, how are you doing?


  1. So I just read this anddddd we are definitely similar. Yes a break through❤️. Thanks for tagging me in this. I have a blog from years ago and it was about how much I loved my mother! I'm gonna find that blog!

  2. Welcome the obstacles cause a breakthrough is surely coming Kandi! Post the link of ypur blog. I would love to see it!