Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Soul Music and Love

I guess that's why they call it soul music because it touches your soul.  This is a pre-warning this post may get a little real so there may be cursing and some things that some may think I should have kept to myself but I'm an artist and I have to express myself and this is my Got damn blog so I can post whatever in the hell I want to post so that's what I'm going to do no matter how jumbled it is or how mean it may seem.  I'm hurting righting now.  I've prayed, I've screamed, I've sat in bed, I tried watching TV, I tried scrolling on fb, but all thats happening on there is sadness and another shooting of another black man this time in Baton Rouge, his name Alton Sterling. I prayed again for his family and all the families that have to be going through this ridicuouless and pray that I never feel the pain they feel.  Afterwards I decided to get up and try sewing (by the way I'm excited to show you all what I've created) but had to stop doing that because the flow and the ugly crying while serging brought me to my next love...writing.

Its funny that when you're in love music is the beautiful melody that writes the soundtrack of your love, when you're determined music gives you the fire to achieve your mission and when you're sad music is that soft pillow soaking up your tears.  Its also funny that when your personal relationship isn't going right everything reminds to of that person; food, places you go, and the words in the songs.
There is a 90's R/B singer by the name of Mona Lisa.  She had a song called You said.  I hear this song and it has so many meanings for me.  I believe this song was written because of her relationship with her Dad and I relate to it so much with a lot of the men in my life especially now.  When you give your heart to someone and you commit to spend your life with them there is a promise made.

You said you'd never leave me
On my own You said you'd never leave me All alone
You said you'd never leave me On my own

And I Never should have gave my heart
Should've never let you in my life
Gave my heart and soul and mind
And I Never thought that we'd be this way
Should've never started to believe things you said
How could you not communicate With me

I was told that I love hard, and I guess I do.  This next song that brought me to tears is Super Star by Floetry featuring Common.   There is one line in this song that I feel is one of the greatest sentences every created in life.  It goes, My love is honest and true and I can prove it babe. My love is.  Its the purest thing, and the greatest gift I can every give some one, and I shouldn't have to prove it you should know and you would know. To take advantage of that is a crime.

I'll end this with another of my favorites.  At the end she say sings this words that I like to say our my prayer to God so when I'm singing along with her I'm praying my heart out, and I'm leaving it to God because I know I'm going to be alright...

I'm gonna be around, 'cause I've got
God on my side
It's alright
Heavenly father hear my prayers
It's alright
'Cause I know your always with me
It's alright
You'll always be right here with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna
It's alright
Be alright, I'm gonna be alright
'Cause now I understand why you had to leave me
It's alright

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