Friday, August 5, 2016


A couple of months ago I blogged about troubles, because I had received word that I once again was not accepted into a school that I applied for.  This was the 5th School!  I was really upset and I was sort of discouraged, but still determined to see if I can actually make my dream of becoming a therapist come true. Northwestern University was the closest school that I got to actually making it.  I made it to the final round. Out of 200 something applicants I was a part of the 70 something people that actually got an interview and I was proud of that. I was thinking,  what if this actually happens?  When it didn't happen my world was kind of turned upside down. I was thinking why would God put being a therapist on my heart for the last 10 years for it to not happen?  What is the lesson in this? That question was not settling with me so that's why I was determined to just keep going and see what happened. So I did my research and I found one more school that had my program.  I saw that it was an online program and I talked to God.  I said, "is this what you're telling me?  Are you telling me that I need to go to school online because my life is crazy right now?  I mean how would I actually be able to handle going to class in this life and studying?  Is this what you want me to do?  You want me to go to school online?  I imagined him saying,  "Go for it!" (Or maybe I heard him for real ;-)

So that's what I did and now I am happy to announce that I am now a graduate student of North Central University in the Master of Arts Marriage and Family Therapy Program. I was so excited to get that acceptance letter all I could do was get down on my knees and praise God literally. So far I'm in my first week of class and I've done three assignments and everything is smooth sailing (besides a hiccup with fingerprinting).  Financial aid has been all taken care of.  I've spoken to my advisor several times.  Communication is great, and I will meet my instructor via Skype tomorrow morning Everything is great!

You might say what is happening with an Enchanté?  I would say that's a great question.  Enchanté is not going anywhere.  The fact that I am becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist will only add to the success of on Enchanté. Enchanté is all about empowering women to believe in themselves, know their worth, carry themselves with dignity and integrity, and demand for the world to worship them and be encouraged to take care of themselves within.  Being an MFT will help aid me with the work that I can do in the community that Enchanté will be affiliated with. I have so many ideas for on Enchanté and I am so excited to see it on unfold.

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