Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pull if Together Tuesday (Victorious!)

Continuing with change today on this Pull it Together Tuesday, when I quit my job in order to positively strengthen my marriage, nurture my son, and build my business. I knew that it was a huge step that involved major change in my life, but I had no ideal about the level of change. It is indeed a process that is very challenging to enjoy, but I can honestly say that I am enjoying the struggle, cause I know that the outcome for my family will be nothing but success, because my Father God is guiding me! These obstacles will be Pulled Together and we will be Victors!

This week, I'll be continuing to love my husband, and other family, potty training, registering my big boy FOR PRESCHOOL!!!!! Being active on Etsy, updating the measurement descriptions on the website, putting together this seasons newsletter (if u would like go sign up for our newsletters, click here.), working on my business plan, preparing for this coming weekends Custers Last Stand Arts Festival in Evanston, and getting my purses together for the RWOC Volunteer project at.

Whew! I can't wait til my vacation next week!

What do u need to Pull Together?

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